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LNFOD launches disability project

3. Executive Director LNFOD Nkhasi Sefuthi

MASERU-Lesotho National Federation of Organizations of the Disabled  (LNFOD) is implementing a new three-year programme entitled, ‘Capacity Development for the Promotion of the Rights of Persons with Disability’ which will focused on advocacy for inclusive education in Lesotho

LNFOD Executive Director Nkhasi Sefuthi said the programme will also focus on improving the livelihoods of persons with disabilities through employment and small livelihood projects. The livelihoods of people with disability, and their empowerment as well as rehabilitation are also key targets of the project.

Sefuthi said people with diverse disabilities living in 14 community councils in the districts of Leribe, Berea, Mafeteng and Mohale’s Hoek are the beneficiaries of this project.

He said LNFOD, in partnership with its member organizations, is currently introducing the project to local authorities in the project areas and is also seeking collaboration and support of these authorities during the implementation of the project

On March 16 2017 the project was introduced to the Ts’ana-talana Community Council in the district of Mafeteng where the 13 community councilors representing all 13 electoral divisions in Ts’ana-talana Community Council attended and that the community councilors welcomed the project beyond the expectations of LNFOD.

Speaking on behalf of the councilors, Ntate Teke Seeiso shared that this project came to their council at the opportune time when thecouncil had just drafted its annual plan. He shared that people with disability have never been included in the previous nor were they included in the current annual plan of the council.

Seeiso further mentioned that most community councilors were not aware of the fact that people with disability comparatively benefit minimally from the work of the council living in poorest condition of life as a result.

Also speaking on behalf of the community councilors, Ntate Fusi Sefuthi stated that community councilors were not aware that people with disability, just like women and children, needed to be specifically targeted in the annual plans of their community council.

It is in this meeting where the community councilors pledged to revise their recently drafted annual plan. They also promised that the annual plan of Ts’ana-talana Community Council shall be aligned with the targets of LNFOD’s new three-year programme.

Sefuthi also pointed that the same activity has been going on in the other 12 councils where they have been warmly welcomed by the local authorities who also pledged to give the programme their full support.

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