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Assassination attempt on Litjobo suspected

1 AD Youth President Thuso Litjobo.

MASERU-Refiloe Litjobo, brother of the Alliance of Democrats (AD) Youth League President Thuso Litjobo says the family is aware of an assassination plan made by some unknown people against his brother.

Refiloe said this following the arrest of his brother (Thuso) on Sunday by some uniformed people. According to Refiloe, when his brother was attending AD rally at Thaba-Tseka on Saturday, he was summoned via phone to report to Thaba-Tseka police station where he was surprisingly told he was not being asked for and therefore he went back.

“We were surprised again where he received a phone call on Sunday morning, asking him to report to a nearby police station. In that case he chose to report to the police headquarters in Maseru where upon his arrival was tortured by the police and soldiers with uniform,” said Litjobo.

Refiloe further mentioned that his brother, together with his bodyguard, was later taken to police station at Ha Matela where his bodyguard remained while Thuso was taken to Mohale police station.

“We were surprised when we found that our brother was moved to Mohale,” Refiloe said.

However, he said, they went to Mohale where they have been waiting up until 23:00hrs when those who had arrested him released him ordering him to go home since “it was cold”.

“My only question is: If I did not go there, what were they going to do to my brother?” asked Refiloe, adding that he suspected they would have even thrown him into Mohale Dam so that he would be declared ‘missing.’

As they were being tortured, he said his brother and his bodyguard were forced to admit that Thuso was the one who had shot and killed a man at an AD rally at Ha Tlebere in Koro-Koro Constituency recently.

Thabiso Moqolo was shot dead during a brawl that erupted over the authenticity of the delegates for the abortive primary election in which AD officials, Refiloe Litjobo and Khotso Makana, were vying for the nod to represent the party in the June 3 general elections.

Refiloe expressed his brother’s innocence saying he and his bodyguard were 10 metres away from the scene.

“But the truth of the matter is already known. They just wanted to torture my brother,” he said.

He said it has always been painful to his family to see how the ‘so-called disciplined forces’ in Lesotho are being used to torture his brother.

“I know that the so-called disciplined forces in this country need serious assistance as they are being used by the politicians. Fortunately, I and the family already know of the plan to assassinate my brother and that unfortunate incidence was planned through the command from the political authorities in this country. The assassination date was set for on or before April 29 2017,” said Refiloe.

According to him Litjobo, the people were planning to assassinate his brother and use his body as ‘muti’ to win the upcoming general elections.

Meanwhile, AD spokesperson Teboho Lehloenya (MP) said his party’s youth league president Thuso Litjobo’s arrest is part of a ‘big political game’.

Lehloenya said they were surprised that Thuso was arrested again even after the courts had released order that he should never be arrested again in that manner “but be summoned to court if there are any issues he is accused of.”

According to Lehloenya, Thuso was not arrested by kidnapped. “What kind of arrest is it if people with balaclavas could say they have arrested a person?” he questioned.

Lehloenya said Thuso got a phone call instructing him to report to the police headquarters on Sunday.

“He could not wait longer but reported to the police where he was ‘kidnapped by the men who wore balaclavas. I call that kidnapping because those men did not want Thuso to identify them as part of his rights,” he said.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Police spokesperson, Superintendent Clifford Molefe, confirmed Thuso Litjobo’s arrest saying he is allegedly suspected of playing a part in the shooting at Koro-Koro constituency.

He said Thuso was arrested by the police who clearly explained to him why he was arrested.

Asked on whether it was legal for police to hide their faces while arresting a suspect, Molefe said he could not comment on the matter further.

He said according to the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act, police can arrest a suspect and keep him for 48 hours while continuing with the investigations.

“There is nothing illegal there, this is why he was later released while the police continues with the investigations,” said Molefe.

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