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‘Money on wheels’- new innovation from FNB

2 Sam Mohatle, FNBs Head of Digital BankingMaseru- First National Bank (FNB) Lesotho has stepped up in providing excellent service delivery to its clients through the introduction of a mobile Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that is fitted into a trailer and connected to a vehicle to ensure ultimate accessibility in an effort relieve branch traffic.

Speaking at an event to launch the new initiative at their headquarters last week, FNB Lesotho Chief Executive Officer Martin Knollys explained that this innovation, which is unique to FNB Lesotho, will be conveniently placed at different locations from time to time to serve different clientele while at the same time ensuring ultimate accessibility to users at events where ATMs are not available.

In order to continue bringing convenience to communities, Knollys said, the mobile ATM is guaranteed to put an end to cash solutions for varying business needs including events, fairs, festivals, concerts and sporting activities.

“For businesses at any location, we are dedicated to ensuring that site technicians are available for smooth operation of the device,” Knollys said.

The FNB Lesotho ‘money on wheels’ comes with it a user-friendly and easily accessible interface that creates a positive customer experience. The CEO emphasized that the machine works exactly like the rest of the ATMs hence cash withdrawals, payments and transfers can be made on the new interface.

Over and above that, clients can view balances and statements, buy prepaid electricity and airtime and send and receive money with the mobile money feature eWallet.

Sam Mohatle, the Head of Digital Banking at FNB Lesotho, indicated that for safety reasons, whenever the mobile ATM is in transit it is not loaded with money.

Knollys stated that depending on the demand of the mobile ATM, they are looking to have more of the devices to serve a larger audience as part their desire as a bank to extend their footprints by taking banking services to the people.

It was discovered also that event organizers can contact the bank for their big events that will require cash solutions to bring the ‘money on wheels’ device closer to their customers. Knollys however, pleaded that for purposes of availability and convenience, they should be given fair advance warning as the ATM might be in use somewhere else.

The ‘money on wheels’ mobile ATM was situated at the FNB head office at the old Agric Bank until Friday and its next stop is proposed to be the Thetsane Industrial area, where there is dominance of thousands of factory workers who have to take taxis to withdraw their money.

With this new innovation FNB says it is dedicated to living up to their motto of ‘how can we help you’ by providing services that help their clients and make their lives easier.

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