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2017 Ultimate Music Awards get into gear

UMAs launch at NHF Mall

1 UMAs launch at NHF Mall on Friday

MASERU –N Ultimate Radio began dishing out application forms for this year’s Ultimate Music Awards, UMAs during a live broadcast at NRH Mall along Kingsway road in Maseru on Friday afternoon.

Some well-known and prospective artistes were seen jostling for the forms as the radio DJs on duty called for all artistes who want to be in the game to start preparing for the #UMAs2017, as it is now popularly known in the social media.   The selection committee, made up of journalists from various media houses, met for the first time this year a fortnight ago to discuss the various categories that the artistes will be selected upon.


“We believe that this year setting the bar high and tightening up the criteria for the qualification there will be a great deal of motivation for the artistes to chase consistency in producing good quality music, which will automatically yield healthy competition and growth for the industry in Lesotho,” said Bokang Bane, one of the selection panel committee members.

“Beginning an award ceremony process requires that all stakeholders understand the procedures and processes that will take place. Artistes need to understand what is expected in terms of submissions, registration, understanding what is required to make a complete and effective award show therefore there are certain recommendations that the panel wishes to address and urge that they be taken into consideration to make all the processes from now on smooth sailing,” he further said.

As usual the forms are being collected from around the country at various centres as well as the #UMAs2017 Facebook page. Once the forms are filled in, the artistes can submit their work under the following categories:

  1. Best Hip-Hop Artiste
  2. Best Music Video
  3. Best Gospel Artiste
  4. Best Afro-Pop
  5. Best Urban Contemporary
  6. Best Newcomer
  7. Best International Breakthrough
  8. Best Producer
  9. Best Traditional Contemporary
  10. Best Dance Album
  11. Best Female Artiste
  12. Best Male Artiste
  13. Best Collaboration by a duo or a group
  14. Lifetime Achiever
  15. Song of the Year

The submission process requires the following, among others:

  • Registration forms to be filled, FREE of charge with a copy of a CD relevant to the category registered in.
  • In each category artistes must submit material that is released between December 2016 - (a date that will be announced for deadline). 
  • The material to be submitted must be presented from EP (5-10 tracks – 35min) and/ Album. 
  • There material submitted should be in a CD fully labelled and branded.
  • Artistes must select one song from an album or EP that best or fully and extensively shows off his/her music talents and capabilities.
  • For Video of the Year, there shall be only one video submitted.
  • In a case of special awards such as Song of the Year, Community Builder, Best Newcomer, Best International Awards and Best Producer and Lifetime Achiever, only the selection committee is responsible for scrutiny, criteria and/or the final decision.

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