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Baylor launches fitness club

Litsatsabele Fitness Club members

2 Litsatsabele Fitness Club members in action

Maseru- Doctors all the time recommend a healthy lifestyle that can be achieved through exercising, for they lament that it is the cheapest way that some of the diseases can be avoided.

On the other hand, some people are of the “practice what you preach” phrase. This seemed to be real when Baylor College of Medicine employees launched a fitness club last Saturday at their college of campus, drawing some of us to a conclusion that, indeed, charity begins at home.

The fitness club Lits’ats’abele (meaning a flexible animal) which started a few months ago aims to promote healthy lifestyle enhance co-operation amongst the employees and also acts as a therapy.  It for now has 24 members who meet after working hours for practice.

According to its coaches, Matalenyane Ntuba and Maphafane Phafane, the group is so far growing well as new members are joining, which becomes satisfactory to them as coaches. They are of the view that exercising is important and should therefore be done regularly.

“It is through exercising that a person can always be active and being active can bring good consequences such as good production at work,” the coaches disclosed.

Ntuba and Phafane also pointed out that doctors’ research shows that exercising can help avoid some lifestyle diseases, counting diabetic and obesity as examples.

“It can also help one out of depression,” one of the coaches noted.

Though the group seems to do doing well in terms of growth, they showed that they still want more staff to join them.

“Right now we have 35 percent of staff as members and though we cannot really say we know the reason why some are not joining. We still hope that someday they will join the community”, they addressed.

Publicizing their future plans, they said they want to be a big group which will compete with other fitness clubs across the country, adding that they also would love to have the fitness club in all the Baylor stations countrywide.

“We have it in Mokhotlong and Leribe as of now” Phafane told the Informative Arts and Lifestyle.

“The management knows about this launch and this is going to make it easy for us to be recognized,” she said.

It is in this launch that Dr. Rathabaneng got an award of being the oldest member of the club. She on the other hand, explained that she was humbled, motivated and inspired by such an award. She promised to do more training as she works towards the club’s objectives.

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