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Metropolitan Lesotho rebrands

  • 2.Metropolitans Brand and Marketing Manager Tsokolo Makeka during his presentation
  • Marks 50 years in Lesotho

Maseru-As Metropolitan Lesotho celebrates its 50th anniversary, it is transforming its brand to be a more engaging and diverse corporate that is a notion for change. The company officially unveiled its new livery last Wednesday.

In terms of identity, the logo has slightly changed colour by incorporating shades of other bright colours as a show of versatility and expansion in service provision.

Metropolitan’s Brand & Marketing Manager Ts’okolo Makeka maintained that they are still using their traditional blue colour hence their logo remains blue. He, however, stated that just like the Basotho lifestyle and culture, they have now decided to become also colourful.

Makeka explained that the bold new colours represent the dynamic direction that the organisation is going through which range from red and orange to aqua teal. Colours such as green represent Health, Purple stands Employee benefits and Plum stands for Finance, to mention but a few.

He said Metropolitan Lesotho has come a long way since 50 years ago and their success lies in the support that the company has been getting from Basotho.

“We are therefore moving towards the orientation that clients/customers matter, and we will be striving to provide solutions and not products because solutions are what they need,” he noted.

Makeka made it clear in his presentation that Basotho have evolved since 1967 and that they are certain about what they want because they have more options and they want their brand to change along with their needs.   

He said: “For starters, the Mosotho consumer is more conscious of what their money can do for them. More Basotho now live in the capital seeking economic success, the rate of education is much higher than it used to be and Basotho have bigger and grander dreams,” he detailed.

Metropolitan Lesotho says it is tapping into being more than just an authority of life insurance and funeral cover but also a provider of solutions that Basotho need, as well as being a contributor to the community they operate in and a partner in developing financial wellness.

Makeka indicated that for a long time the  engagement of clients has been lacking, citing that it was time that the financial sector opened up to its customer base, hence as Metropolitan Lesotho, they are looking to engage the younger market which is now more prevalent and are not necessarily interested in funeral cover, but by being their financial mentor.

Unlike in previous years where they were helping in building, securing and growing financial wellness, the brand manager explains that they are looking to go beyond that and help Basotho enjoy their financial wellness.

“We are living in an economy that promotes cheaper, but that may not necessarily mean that is what people need, which is why there is a concerted effort to giving people beyond what they want, but what they need to improve their lives,” he stated.

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