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Performance-based contracts for Roads Directorate

Moeketsi Matsepe, Acting DG Roads DirectorateMaseru- The 30th Association of Southern African National Roads Agencies (ASANRA) committee meeting opened in Maseru yesterday was told that the Roads Directorate will soon implement performance-based contracts pilot programme.

The new contracts seeks guidance on assessing the sustainability of road management planning tools to ensure that work is done effectively and efficiently and within agreed upon timeframes as payment will be determined by the work done. 

Acting Director-General at Roads Directorate Moeketsi Matsepe told the meeting that Lesotho had gained a lot from being a member state of ASANRA. He showed further that through this affiliation and its experiences, Lesotho has facilitated for collaboration between the Roads Directorate and Namibia Roads Authority on skills transfer projects.

“The collaboration has provided the staff of both agencies the opportunity of training and technology transfer subsequently,” he noted.

Matsepe attested that they have been provided a platform for networking and technical exchange among industry professionals in the transport industry around the region.

The meeting is expected to run until Friday with the board meeting being preceded by discussions by the technical committees on road construction and maintenance, materials and                                                                                                             design standards, research and development, technology transfer and capacity building.

ASANRA is an association of national road agencies/authorities in the SADC region and was established in March 2001 in accordance with the SADC Protocol on Transport, Communications and Meteorology. Its establishment was in an effort to share and exchange experiences and innovation ideas by establishing mutually agreed best practices around the region.

The association has 10 full active members which include Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. ASANRA’s main goal has been to ensure regional policy coordination and road transport systems integration with the key objectives of improving intra-regional road transport efficiency and lowering of transport costs.

The Roads Directorate was established mainly for better service delivery and more effective and efficient management of the road network, with the responsibility to construction, upgrading, rehabilitation and maintenance of primary, secondary, tertiary and other roads as well as bridges on the Lesotho road network.

The Roads Directorate was created in response to the reform of the roads sub-sector and                                            formed by the amalgamation and restructuring of the former Roads Branch (RB) and the former Department of Rural Roads (DRR).

One of ASANRA’ s obligations is to represent its members’ interests at all relevant SADC meetings and other forums where SADC is represented while in the same token study all problems connected with the region’s highway network and its impact on other modes of transportation.

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