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Students lauded for branding Lesotho

4. Lehlohonolo Tlhaole and Joshua Setipa Minister of Trade & IndustryMASERU- Minister of Trade and Industry Joshua Setipa has applauded 13 students from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) and Machabeng College who won in a competition to brand the Lesotho pavilion for the Astana Expo in Kazakhstan later this year.

The Astana Expo will be held in the Kazakhstan city from June 10 to September 10 2017. The expo that has been themed; ‘Future Energy, aims to create a global debate between countries, non-governmental organizations, companies and the general public on the crucial question of : "How do we ensure safe and sustainable access to energy for all while reducing carbon dioxide emissions?”

Chief Trade Development Officer from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, ‘Matokoloho Khuto, noted that even though the minister had awarded all the students who participated in the competition the overall winner is Lehlohonolo Tlhaole, a graphic designer student from LUCT. She said the students were asked to design and brand a pavilion that represents Lesotho at the Expo.

“This pavilion had to have features that represent Lesotho, things like vegetation, our traditional hut and Tlhaole did the exact thing we wanted. The pavilion will be used to showcase local crafters and artisans products at the exhibition,” Tlhaole said.

Meanwhile, Setipa noted that for Lesotho to grow it has to recognize its local talent and nature it, and according to him it was best to use local talent.

“We used to get skills from outside in the past as a ministry our aim is help you realize your talent and grow it. We are in the process of setting up an innovation hub that will focus on creative arts and software development programs as we believe that this is where the future is.

“We are very excited that you were able to respond to our request as we prepare to go to Astana to showcase Basotho talent,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of LUCT Tapiwa Nyati thanked the ministry for the opportunity as it had helped students to see the relevance of their work outside the classroom.

“They can actually see their work impacting onto the industry. This exhibition is on a global platform which gives hope to the industry that there is actually talent in Lesotho,” Nyati said.

Meanwhile Job Mutepea, representing Machabeng College, also applauded the ministry for the opportunity indicating that at the start of the project students were not exactly sure of which direction to take but after several meetings with them ideas started pouring in.

“The theme of the expo which is ‘Future Energy’ brought creative ideas out of them that even professional designers will not have thought of them,” Mutepea said. He also urged the ministry and other businesses to continue offering such opportunities to students.

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