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‘The Ignored Stories’ launched

Keketso Oriel

Keketso Oriel Jonase

Maseru- Kay Jay Talk show launched their debut movie entitled, The Ignored Stories, on Wednesday last week with aim of raising issues against child abuse in Lesotho.

The Ignored Stories is a film centred a young Mosotho man, Zero, whose experiences of extreme abuse of adolescent girls in his community leads him to regret his intentions and is now eager to stop his actions.  

According to the executive producer and master trainer for the cast of the film, Keketso Oriel Jonase, children who are abused at a tender age grow up traumatized and this in return affects them in future.

“When you are abused, you lose confidence and you lose dignity. Children who are abused end up losing the morals that are the key aspects to a better future,” he said.

He went on revealing that the project was their first ever since the launch of Kay Jay Talk Show and they are looking forward to launch more films in future. However, the group of mostly youths laments that they do not have enough resources to have a good finished product for commercial film production, including cameras and professional film crew. 

The lack of resources seemed to have an effect on the entire project as it led to a rather confusing storyline of the film. The producers were turned down on many occasions by potential donors and sponsors even at the launch of the project, but they still carried on.

Asked about his reaction regarding the response of the launch Keketso said:

“It is true that some of the important guests did not come but I am okay with the response.”

Kay Jay Talk Show was expecting representatives from the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Law Constitutional Affairs and Human Rights and other representatives but they did not show up.

However, a representative from the Ministry of Gender Youth Sports and Recreation, Rannyaliseng Maanela, stipulated that he was impressed about the movie especially its theme about  adolescent child abuse. He urged the group keep on striving until they reached their final destination.

At the launch, Maanela revealed that research shows that girl-children are the ones who are most abused and that makes them lose confidence in themselves. He therefore found the movie to be very educative he urged more sponsorship for such projects.

“Now that we are the first group to see the film I hope we can pass the message across the country that adolescent abuse is not a good thing and should be stopped,” he said.

“Girls get pregnant at a very tender age, thereby ruining their future because a few of them get a chance to go back to school. Education is the liberation to women abuse,” said Maanela

“Additionally”, he said, “the interesting part is that the message is being passed by youth, the most vulnerable people to abuse. Talents and visions are different, therefore when you know nothing about something, please stand back and let those who know do the job do it,” h

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