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Kaytee Fresh back to local sound

Katiso Kaytee Fresh Makhetla

2 Katiso Kaytee Fresh Makhetla

Local hip-hop artist Katiso ‘Kaytee Fresh’ Makhetla recently released his fourth single, Real McCoy, and with new house beat track, he wants to localize his music as opposed to his previous work when he sounded more South African than being a Mosotho.

Kaytee Fresh made this realization after some of his local fans wanted him to change his music to suit the local industry and he had no choice but to cater also for his homies.

On this new offering most of the verses are in Sesotho and he is hoping that this would will earn him a bigger fan base in the country. He also said Real McCoy is worthy to be played on Sesotho radio stations based in South Africa where he stands a chance to earn royalty in return.  

On top this, the Khubetsoana born artiste says his first release was a mix-tape album of 10 tracks entitled, Loxion Hype in 2014 and after this he has been releasing singles only.  In 2015 he released, Siyangena, and in 2016 he was back with Driukers Club and Mahala. He says he now depends on singles because they are easier to market than a mix-tape which consumes a lot of time and expenses.

“This days pirating is high and it has become the major obstacle to our growth as artistes and is hard for us to earn a living out of our talent.

“Therefore we have to push other businesses for our survival and producing a mix-tape as dependent artist will not give me enough time to market it, so I prefer to release  singles to penetrate through the market,” added Kaytee.

On the other hand he pointed out that other than pirating, there is lack of local support in the country.

“People in Lesotho do not support us and they give international artistes priority over us. And during big shows, international artistes are paid more than local artistes. I don’t have a problem with that, but the difference in payments is just too big,” said Kaytee Fresh.

However, he says he would not give up and encourages other artistes to never give up.

“In 2015, I was nominated for the Ultimate Music Awards in the Best Music Video category but unfortunately I didn’t make it, but that did not stop me from achieving my goals,” he said.

He also warned some local artistes who fell off the cliff easily, “because once they get a good fan base and they are on the spotlight, they lose focus and forget where they are coming from.”  


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