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Will ignorance or propaganda carry the day?

no imageThe law is quite clear. It’s only that the political turn of events is developing at high speed one minute after another. Now every Mosotho’s eye and ear is wide open to consume the said.

But it seems this Mosotho is closing the mind, consciousness and common-sense. In this present prevailing political storms, opinion makers are fast feeding Mosotho’s mind half-truths and propaganda. Help me God...and the citizen is grasping improper information thereby, spreading false gospel to those he/she can influence.

In recent weeks, there have been discussions and debates on whose will shall be done between His Majesty the King, Council of State and the Prime-Minister. The opposition had its interpretation on what the constitution says while pro-government elements had their differing view of the same; not to forget our favourite political leaders, radio announcers and leading social media activists. But my concern is not on which authority is more powerful than the other.

My tears are lamentations of myself and yourself, for our failure to use the most brilliant part of our system, the brain, wisely. But then, God provided us with the organ protected by the skull for a reason or two.

I may love my mother dearly but there are those moments when I am quite aware that she is wrong, she is wrong, even if I am much younger than her. In the planet we live, our masters will not be always and forever be correct. Hero-worshipping them, even if in this political game, at times, will not do our country any good.

Take Tom Motsoahae Thabane for instance. When he was the Prime-Minister between 2012 and 2015, there was a point in time when he faced the monster no sitting incumbent was ever willingly swallow. The old boy played all the tricks in the statute books to avoid losing the seat then, and it that caused him sleepless nights.

When his deputy, Mothetjoa Metsing, arranged alliance with the then prominent opposition figure, Pakalitha Mosisili, to gang against him in parliament, Thabane advised His Majesty the King to prorogate parliament. No amount of pressure from Mosisili and others would persuade Tom to advise the King to do the opposite. When he was cornered, Tom advised the King to dissolve parliament and call for the 2015 elections prematurely.

Commentators shouted on top of their voices that the elections were too expensive but still Tom would not hand over power to the majority. Mosisili would later be the Prime-Minister and Tom the opposition leader, the same which could have happened in parliament, not via the costly elections.  

It was also argued that elections will not solve Lesotho demons yet Tom and his supporters were adamant that through the ballot box, the people would point who should drive the country’s development agenda. After the elections, an ex-army commander was assassinated by his colleagues while Tom and other opposition leaders skipped the country fearing for their lives.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) intervened, and Botswana’s Justice Mphaphi Phumaphi Report was instituted and its recommendations are a matter our countrymen and women are still puzzled on how best they can be implemented. With Tom his former exiled allies back in the country, parliament prorogated and the date for fresh new elections about to be announced, history is about to repeat itself.

Mosisili is doing has been done before. Politically it may be right, it may be wrong, but the truth is, it is legal. It is one factor one may not be aware of, that an issue may have two faces like a coin. Political on the other, legal on the opposite.

This means for political intents and purposes, there are legal guidelines to be followed. When political players misinterpret those guidelines, it is up to you and me to sing the same misleading song or ask relevant questions for clarity.   Well, we wait and see.    

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