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Use elections funds for education - Lesco

Students want more money towards educationMASERU- Lesotho Student Convention (Lesco) raised their concern over the decision that the country would be going for elections on June 3 2017 following the successful motion of no-confidence on Prime Minister Dr Pakalitha Mosisili and his government.

At a press conference held in Maseru on Friday, Lesco secretary-general Lekhafola Kaloli said they were very much concerned that the government had, in many ways, has justified that there is not enough money to smoothly administer its governance but now was calling for elections.

Kaloli said the government has, on many occasions expressed bankruptcy and now they felt going for elections would further dampen the economy. The students called for the nullification of the statement of proclamation of the elections saying it would not be good for the country.

The students said the act only shows the “political immaturity” of the ruling government as a similar transition once took place when the PM was in opposition. The students also said while there was talk of elections, the country is being faced with such problems as the high unemployment rate, poor farming and inaccessibility of health services to villagers in remote areas of the country.

Lesco students further complained that the money that is allocated to elections could be used to pay for admitted students an national University of Lesotho who are still not getting sponsorship due to lack of funds from National Manpower Development.

They added that the polling funds could be used to subsidise their tuition fees as they were often told to top-up their fees as ‘government was short of funds’.

“We are calling for respect to our education system. Let the government also pay the remaining fees of students and then the elections follow for they are a true reflection of what the society needs as its leadership,” the students said.

The students did not state what action would be taken, now that the date for elections had been announced. Kaloli said they would consult with the student representative councils at various institutions and other relevant stakeholders on the matter pertaining to their fees.

Speaking to Informative newspaper on Friday, Political Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr Fako Likoti said that in a democratic country like Lesotho, elections were the only option that can satisfy both the opposition and the government and even if the country may not have money to do other things.

Fako said for the elections to take place government must do all it can to make sure that elections are held on the stipulated date and time.

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