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Notice is hereby given that i intend to apply for a copy certified copy of a registered Title Deed/Lease and Deed of Transfer to immovable property, registered under No. 13281-302 on the 8TH /JUNE/1984, in favour of CLETUS TABO FOULO .

Every right on and interest in and to the building and other improvements express or implied in certain plot No. 13281-302 situated at STADIUM AREA  MASERU URBAN AREA as shown on plan No. 13281 as held by the Chief Surveyor.

All persons having objections to the issue of the said copy are requested to lodge them in writing with the Register of Deeds within three weeks from the last publication of this notice.

Address:                                                                                              APPLICANT’S NAMES AND ADDRESS;

Land registrar                                                                                    TABO CLETUS FOULO

Land Administration Authority                                                   P.O.BOX 164

Lerotholi Road                                                                                   LADYBRAND

P.O. Box 11856                                                                                  FREESTATE SOUTH AFRICA

                                                                                                                Contact Numbers: 56877722