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Measles, rubella vaccination continues

Vaccination against measles and rubella

2. Vaccination against measles and rubella

MASERU - Minister of Health Dr ‘Molotsi Monyamane on Wednesday last week said the measles and rubella vaccination campaign, which has reached 70 percent of the targeted children, will continue until every child is vaccinated in the country. The ministry is targeting at least 95 percent of all children below the age of 15 to be vaccinated during the mop-up exercise.

Speaking at a press conference held at the ministry premises, the minister expressed gratitude to all parents for having taken their children for vaccination even during the heavy rains.

The minister took an opportunity to put most people’s fears at ease that Queen II Hospital will not face closure but will continue offering clinic services. Instead, he said some of the hospital buildings were too outdated to offer health services, therefore the old building will be demolished and a new one built.  

Monyamane promised that all hard-to-reach areas would be equipped with mobile clinics with tents so that the immunization process will reach every child in the country in order to have a disease-free generation in the future.

Due to the heavy rains that were experienced in the country over the past few weeks, the minister said health officials failed to reach some of the remote areas. He expressed his hope that they would be able to do so this time, now that the rains have slightly slowed down. The minister also said they will be working with medical staff from the Lesotho Defence Force and use their helicopters to reach the hard-to-reach areas, to ensure that every child is vaccinated.         

Hundreds of children in every district of the country were vaccinated during the campaign. However, some children failed to make due to the damaged roads and bridges because of the heavy rains. Some children were not vaccinated because they had gone out herding livestock.  

The minister said he was aware of some children who could not get vaccination because they had no clinic booklet at hand and the ministry had arranged for them to get vaccinated during the mop-up campaign. He thanked the village health workers for playing a part in the exercise since they know who the children below 15 are.         

The campaign was launched on the on February 9 2017 by Her Majesty Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso and kicked off from the 13th to 24th of February all around to country to ensure that every child is vaccinated against the diseases which have become a global life threat.

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