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Invest in community radio, business told

4.The launch of ThabanaNtlenyana Community Radio StationMOKHOTLONG - Business community within Mokhotlong district has been urged to make use of the newly-launched Thabana Ntlenyana Community Radio Station by advertising to boost their revenues as well as those of the radio station.

The appeal was made by chairperson of the National Governing Council Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)-Lesotho Malakeng Hloma at the official handover of the radio station by MISA-Lesotho on Saturday. The handing over ceremony took place at Ntlholoetsane in the Mokhotlong No.79 constituency.


Malakeng said Mokhotlong is a very wealthy district with resources for diamonds, wool and mohair and therefore the community radio is more likely to survive from these industries. He went on to tell the community that the main responsibilities of the radio is to inform, entertain, educate and indeed to boost the economy of the country.

He added that it was his firm belief that Mokhotlong community would take care of the new radio station and use it wisely for the benefit of all people in Mokhotlong.

He further emphasized that the radio must never be used to abuse, humiliate, or despise other people in any manner whatsoever.

Speaking at the same event, the chairperson of the committee that administers the radio station, Leloma Ntšinyi, explained that MISA-Lesotho will provide them with training on how to operate the equipment at the radio station. He again mentioned that people from all walks of life in Mokhotlong would have access to the community radio station and should all benefit from it.

He also mentioned that when animals are stolen, farmers will be able to rush to the radio to make the Police aware of the situation immediately.

Also addressing the community at the joyous occasion was Member of Parliament for Mokhotlong Constituency No. 79, Tefo Mapesela, who told school children who attended the ceremony in large numbers that educational programmes would also be aired on radio.

He further informed the Mokhotlong community that they will always be updated with information on what is taking place in their district through the radio. He also appealed to the radio presenters not to use the radio as their political platform, but for the betterment and benefit of the community.

District Administrator for Mokhotlong district, Khoabane Sefefo, also told the community that the radio station would help them publish matters of great importance through the radio.

He also appealed to them to use the radio wisely and responsibly, and not to publish falsehoods and hearsay but to let the professionals do thorough investigations before publishing.   

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